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ISBN-10: 071533008X
ISBN-13: 978-0715330081

Publisher: David & Charles (September 2008)



'A charming collection of traditional culinary tips, such as 'add fresh herbs at the end of cooking, dried at the beginning', or for pastry,' 'cool while making, hot while baking'. Tips and thrifty ideas. - BBC Good Food Magazine

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Wise Words and Country Ways for Cooks

This is a unique and charming collection of cooking and kitchen-based sayings, proverbs and country wisdom.Containing the familiar and the unfamiliar, this mixture of practical tips and amusing anecdotes is the perfect addition to any kitchen.Ruth Binney explores the origin and merits of each saying, often proving that 'old wives' tales' are just as relevant today as they were in times past.It features tips and advice on a wide range of subjects from meat and fish to fruit and veg, cooking methods to kitchen equipment, all the time providing pertinent lessons in the healthier and much less wasteful ways of former generations.Illustrated with delightful line drawings throughout, 'Wise Words and Country Ways for the Cook' is the ideal gift for any cook or nostalgia lover.